Change is Good.

Kimi Michelle
4 min readOct 12, 2021
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If the years 2020 and 2021 have proven anything to us — it’s that change is the only true constant that exists around us. In the same breath…the idea that things change is something that we consistently struggle with. But why?

As a spiritual diviner, there are multiple tools that I use to assist me with guiding clients, two of which are my gold playing cards, and my trusty tarot cards. I don’t always need them (the cards, that is), but often times, the cards help me give the client a visual connection to the words that I channel from the divine beyond.

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In the world of tarot cards, Death is the card synonymous with change. And I have yet to work with a client that didn’t see the Death card come up in a reading and mildly to moderately freak out. (With the exception of a fellow diviner, of course.) Why? Because death, to most people, comes across as so…well…final. Therefore, when it shows up in a reading — people usually think the worst. One of the first things I ask people when it comes up is, “what new life path are you contemplating? Or want to contemplate?” If it’s upside down, the question is, “what new life path should you be moving towards, but you are resisting?”

It is the resistance that I want to talk about today.

Change is good, provided that you receive it as good. What usually shakes us up about change is either the abruptness of it, or its ability to throw carefully laid plans by the wayside. I mean, it’s just…so…uncomfortable! Here you are, settled into a life routine, and something just comes along and upends it and now you have to start all over and…

Wait. What’s the problem with starting over?

The biggest problem that we have with change usually stems from how we look at what is changing. If what is changing is something fairly simple, like maybe your favorite store is moving across the street, sure, you might grumble about it a little bit — but you’ll be fine. Why? Because the store is still there. If the change is something like, your job is shutting down — well…that’s a bit more of a WTF moment. There’s a loss of a sense of comfort and stability that you had that is suddenly, and, in most cases, abruptly, shifted. It can leave you reeling.

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I am here to tell you that it is important to hold space for that reeling.

Yes, change is cathartic. It can be good in the long run. It is also often times devastating in the moment, and too often, the world around us encourages us to keep pushing through, as opposed to holding space for what has been lost. There is a difference between holding space and grieving something that you’ve lost, and dwelling long term in what has been lost, so much so that you stop moving forward. The former is important, because how we feel, how we process what has changed is important to our mental wellbeing. The latter is usually what ends up happening, though — because change can be overwhelming when you go against the flow.

Have grace for yourself in this space, too. You’re human.

The other really important thing to note about change is that in some cases, some things just have to die in order for other things to survive and ultimately thrive. That’s usually the part that makes us the most uncomfortable — we don’t want to give up certain creature comforts in the name of change. Or certain ways of living, certain behaviors, perhaps even certain outdated structures in our overall society…this is all part of change, and, more importantly, evolution.

Moving fully into a space where you can embrace more abundance, starts with embracing what needs to change in your life, and, in most cases, in the world that you find yourself immediately living in. This isn’t to say that you can’t be abundant and remain the same. The truth is, though — little things about you change in order for you to grow. It’s a part of nature, and sometimes you don’t even realize you’ve changed until you’ve looked back and see how far you’ve come.

Change is a constant that exists around us, whether we like it or not. How we embrace it — well, that’s entirely up to us.



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