It’s Not Easy (Not) Being Seen…

Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

We all want to be seen. We want people to accept us as we see ourselves, to embrace the beauty that we are.

When we break up with people, when we end friendships, shoot, even when we leave jobs, we call ourselves wanting the other person/party to “see” what they missed out on, to understand that we are a good catch, dammit! In arguments, we want the other person not just to see the other side of things, we want them to agree with us.

Photo by Orkun Azap on Unsplash

Bro. Sis. They’ve moved on. So should you.

It is easy to continue to go back to where you don’t belong because you want to be seen. Your ego will bring you to spaces that you’ve long since expired from, simply out of a need to be seen. Growth, however…growth can and will show you that you have been seen no matter what. Growth will teach you that the most important person to see you…is you. Growing comfortable in your own skin helps to remove the need for outside validation, because you begin to realize that no matter what, the person in the mirror is the most important person. Growth balances the ego, and allows for healthy, boundary promoting, interactions.



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Kimi Michelle

Kimi Michelle


Change agent. Soca & rap junkie. BK Girl in Queens. Mom. Chef, Writer, & Psychic Medium. Chili oil obsessed. Trinidad & Barbados stand up.