Mercury Rx + Venus Rx = $%?!!

Kimi Michelle
4 min readJan 11, 2022

11 days into 2022, and it’s already proving that it’s going to be a doozy! As with the past two years, we are leaning heavily into a season of change. It makes perfect sense, then, that the first Mercury retrograde of the season is coming up on January 14, nestled comfortably in the sign of Aquarius.

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If you know an Aquarius, if you love an Aquarius, if you are an Aquarius, then you probably already know that your friendly air signs are philosophical by nature and forward thinkers. They have a reputation for being flighty, however, the truth of the matter is that they prefer to match cosmic energy, which, at times, leads them down their own personal rabbit holes. Grand seers, similar to the centaurs of the zodiac (Sagittarius), your friendly Aquarius has a tendency to see big and think expansive.

With Mercury hanging out in Aquarius for the first retrograde of the year, and with Venus already being in retrograde (in Capricorn) until the 29th, expect to see and feel a big focus on how we interact in relationships that we value. Venus, the planet of love and money, has been chilling in Capricorn for a few weeks now, and so we’ve already been innately taking a deep dive into the relationships in our lives, and potentially working on making moves on them, whether it’s to sever ties in relationships (read: jobs, that situationship that’s mad old, sis) or to evaluate how to make that relationship work better for you. With Mercury joining the retrograde party. it’s the perfect time to be still and think: of the relationships that you currently value, how do you communicate within them? Do you authentically connect in them?

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People tend to fear Mercury because “everything goes wrong” during it’s retrograde, and, also, because it’s the planet that goes retrograde most often during the year. The truth is, though, that while yes, technology goes most on the fritz during this time (since Mercury is the planet of communication and technology), it is also true that as the planet theoretically slows down, you’re supposed to, too. The biggest reason we struggle in retrogrades is that we go against the grain, versus leaning into where the retrograde is focusing. In this case, it’s sure to be an emotionally charged time, as on top of the the two Rxs, we are also moving into a full moon period in Cancer on the 17th.

This is a time to lean into your feelings and express them in a manner that serves your highest good and destiny. No two ways about it.

So, since I’m not here to keep you long, let’s get into it. If you’ve been actively working on effective and productive communication in the relationships that you value — you’re golden. If you’ve been struggling in this area…it will be a struggle this retrograde period. Your cute Trini Bajan auntie from Brooklyn with the red glasses ain’t gon lie to you. Emotion will be felt deeply during this time, particularly through the full moon transit, and as we move closer to Aquarius season in general, a deeper purge will push us to discard more and more things that we think we value but that we’ve truly outgrown. This will shape the next 16–18 months. Compassion for others will be key during this transit — even if you’ve been doing well with your communication, remember that others around you might not be.

Resist the urge to make meaningless overtures and chatter for the sake of seeming productive. Now is not the time.

Aquarius energy is also authentic, straightforward energy, and moving against the wind for the sake of it will push you further away from what is intended for you. Remember — forward thinking and intentional. Ride the wave of air, and it will take you where you need to go.

Questions for your notes:

:: Are you doing what makes you happy, or are you doing what’s easy so that you can remain comfortable?

:: As it is still Capricorn season (you know, getting to the bag season), are you moving yourself to your true desires? Are you sure?



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