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Kimi Michelle
4 min readDec 7, 2021


*Please note: the placements in this post were from the new moon on December 4, 2021.*

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If you’ve been hanging around these parts for a little bit, you’ll recognize that we’ve been chatting about abundance for some time, and how to redefine it. I even mentioned how to use the current astrological energy in the atmosphere to support this.

Which is why, to me, it’s so apropos to talk about the upcoming New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius!

*waves in Sagittarius sign*

The sign of Sagittarius, the last of the fire signs in the zodiac, is ruled by the planet Jupiter astrologically. Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunity, ushers in a wave of overall optimism, and abundant, prosperous energy. Coming off the heels of this past month’s heavy Scorpio energy, this wave of light and abundance can seem like a breath of fresh air.

So what’s this about New Moon energy? Let’s talk about this really quickly. New Moon energy is a time to set forth intentions that help shape your movements for the next six months. Setting intentions are a means and one of the steps of manifestation, where you highlight what you wish to accomplish, and identify what you might need to make that intention manifest in the manner you desire. You might think of it as a ‘goal setting with spiritual intent’, but it is better to think of it as using the moon’s energy during its newest cycle, in conjunction with the energy of the sign the moon is currently in, to put forth what you desire, that is in alignment with your highest destiny.

The New Moon in Sagittarius plays directly into the newness of the moon’s cycle, elevating us out of the darker spaces we found ourselves in during Scorpio season. Not to be confused with being negative, creativity is birthed from the darkness, so it is the perfect opportunity to bring forth light energy with intentional movement towards your goals. It is also a great time to finish releasing the remainder of the stagnant energy and low vibrational energy that you brought to the surface while doing all that shadow work in Scorpio season.

You DID do that shadow work like you were supposed to, right? There will be a test on it later. Read on…

Two other important transits are happening at the same time. Let’s talk about the more pivotal one, that being that Neptune, the planet of spirituality, illusions, and dreams, turns back direct on December 1. Your dreams, both the conscious and subconscious ones, may have been heavily highlighted this past year, with Neptune hanging out in the watery sign of Pisces all year. This transit has been shining a light all year long on all that has not been what it seems, from both a collective standpoint as well as a personal one. My good sis talks about ‘light mimics’ being exposed for who they are in particular — it’s hard to heal if your healing is stemming from surface work. Cute memes and snippets on IG that don’t tackle the meat and potatoes of what you need to do to elevate.

But I digress.

New Moon in Sagittarius energy is enlightening. It’s fun and full of optimistic possibility, just like your friendly wanderlust Sagittarius. It’s also amplified by the other important transit happening, the total solar eclipse energy happening on the same day. Eclipse energy is super magnifying, whether it’s a solar eclipse, or a lunar eclipse, like earlier in the month. The collective energy has the power to propel you forward, provided that you’ve set the proper foundation. Remember that test we were talking about earlier? That shadow work test? During Scorpio season, we were pushed to dig beneath the surface and confront the things that were hiding in the dark — the things that you were lying to yourself about. Was there inner depth work that you were avoiding that would ultimately help you manifest the life you truly deserve? If these are things that you tackled during Scorpio season, then you are all set to bring in the new and thrive in the coming months to years.

As an added note — my fellow light workers and spiritually inclined people that are reading this, you may have started noticing symptoms of spiritual ascension and transformation happening in your life — unexplained hot and cold sensations, ringing in your ears, an overwhelming sense of déjà vu…this is due to the newest generation of light workers being called to aid in the healing of the collective. Check in with me on my next piece, as we delve a little more into these new gifts that you may be experiencing, and how to help yourself move in purpose and not let your gift drain you.

Enjoy this new season of abundance and light!



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