Redefining Abundance

Kimi Michelle
4 min readOct 6, 2021
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When life is throwing you lemon after lemon, it can feel hard to feel or see blessings. We’re not talking about the lemons that are fragrant and soft and that when you squeeze them and add sugar and a little bit of water, they make amazing lemonade. I’m talking about the lemons that you forgot about in the back of your fridge and they’re just…not good lemons.

The thing is, though — most of us are abundant in blessings in many ways, without even realizing it.

Abundance is defined as “a very large quantity of something”. Often times, when you think about abundance, you think about money — you think about having a lot of something, and usually, money is what we all wish we had more (or a lot) of. The true beauty of being abundant, and walking in and relishing abundance, is by redefining our relationship with abundance. And what better day to start that process, than during a new moon in Libra? So. Let’s redefine abundance, shall we?

Abundance is the receipt and acceptance of one’s blessings; and the understanding that not only do you deserve these blessings, but that these blessings are divinely gifted and unique to your needs.

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Though divine energy is all around us, you don’t have to believe in a divine power to believe in blessings. You might even just call it “luck”. The reality of it is, though, that there are things that you receive, in timing with when you need them — not when you want them. We sometimes miss the timing aspect of things, because we are so busy caught in the hustle & bustle of the worrying process.

Worrying about what bill is going to get paid, and when.

Worrying about when relief will come.

Worrying about things that you feel as if you should have control over, but the reality is that you don’t, not really.

Worrying is a part of the human condition. It’s impossible not to, and anyone who says that they don’t worry, is lying. The length of time that you might worry can vary — and perhaps that’s what people mean when they say they don’t worry — but it’s inevitable that worry creeps into the picture sometimes. So how does worry tie into your abundance? It’s simple. Being able to acknowledge where your blessings are in your life, can help set the stage for a complete shift in your thinking.

Part of how we view abundance also ties into the microwave society that we reside in. We look for everything to be instant! Instant success, instant gratification, instant weight loss…and with social media highlighting all the photogenic moments, it can be a challenge to see where abundance lies in your personal space. Sure, it’s easy to say, “stop looking at social media as a marker for success”. But it’s not that simple — you know it, and I know it.

So what are some ways that we can redefine abundance in our daily lives, without looking at everything around us and feeling intimidated by what we don’t have?

- Take a moment every day and write down one thing that flowed well. It could be as simple as, “I caught my train to work and had enough time to get a coffee”.

  • Every morning, take one minute and face your window and say thank you. If you’re used to sleeping until the last possible minute, this may take some effort at first. Once you’ve gotten one minute down — move to two. Keep going little by little until you can get to five minutes. Then ten.

We are all abundant. We are all in receipt of blessings, every single one of us. We are all deserving of those blessings –be they big or small.

That’s where you start. Does it sound simple? Yes, because in many ways, it is. Redefining abundance in your life starts with how you shift your thought process. As you begin to shift your thought process, it becomes easier to identify the areas of your life where abundance resides. No, it doesn’t fix every problem, and no, it may not pay a bill. It’s not meant to. It is, however, designed to give perspective. It may also help you to identify the areas and the things that you could potentially get rid of, so that you can receive more abundance. And yes — sometimes you have to let go, to receive.

You can’t take anything else if your hands are full.

In the coming weeks, I’ll take the conversation about abundance one step further — how we can tap into the current astrological energies in order to redefine and manifest more abundance in your life. For now, I’d love to hear more about things in your life that you view as abundant, or the areas where you may struggle to see the blessing!



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